The Ancients of Days Lies Hidden Whithin Us

  • They walk among us... it can be your neighbor, or the pretty brunette you met in the elevator. They look like "normal" people, and they almost are.

    Except for the detail of being immortals, and having magic as a second nature.

    The Ancients of Days talks about one guy trying to live a normal life - mother in law visits & all - and how others seem to be determined to spoil it.

    There are of course hot ladies, fights, awesome dragons and explosions. All of them intermingled in a story that runs fast and takes you to a trip to a different level of awareness.

    The Ancients of Days. A new novel by Paul Ieson about the secret magick world an Immortals pretending to be mortal and pretending to be Witches.

    In the story, M&M, Freyja and Rhiannan are the main characters in the novel. They are the Immortals who are trying to stay hidden and wanting no humans to know of there kind. They walk the Earth pretending to be humans who practice magick so as to hide there strange ways about them.

    For thousands of years there kind has managed to stay undetected from any one, even the governments that think they run every thing. That is until a sudden miss-hap of events takes place and every thing seems to all fall apart.

    The author wrote the book the way he did for a reason: Well, it is all M's perspective. No page numbers and bad grammer and spelling are used in spots. The novel is more like you are reading out of his own personal journal and who cares about proper stuff when you are writing for just your self. Never intending that any on else would read it. But the story telling format of the novel grips you and you can not put the book down...

    About the Author:

    Paul Ieson is a fascinating person. If you pay attention, you can see traces of The Magician from the Tarot cards. Science, music, experimentation and passion for life all coexisting in dynamic balance.

    His writing is designed for a fast reading while having a great time, but the characters show ancient wisdom and the underlying World structure comes right from the arcane world. This can only be achieved by a writer that blends himself the energy of youth with the wisdom of life, and a deep knowledge of how things really work.

    Paul is new as an Author but has been a songwriter, vocalist/musician for many years. He is a Ordained Minister and also enjoys woodworking. He holds an Associate Degree in Electronics and a Degree in Physics. Paul lives in Toledo Ohio at the moment and has 3 children and many grand children. Paul s interests are study s on the Occult, Reiki, music, and he loves to travel.

    You can get the book through Amazon or B&N or directly from create space.
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