A Silver Night

  • A Silver Night


    I wait for you in darkness

    Hidden from the silvery moon

    The breeze attempts to cool my warm skin

    But the thought of you warms my blood

    I long to sing, I crave to feel

    Your love that is so pure so real

    I can feel my heart   beat within my chest

    I can hear my breath try to steady

    A crack of a fallen branch

    I wait


    I see you glow in the moonlight

    As you emerge from the trees

    Your eyes searching

    Did she come to me?

    Your eyes stop as they find my hiding place

    Slowly I move forward

    Never dropping my eyes

    I reach out for you

    You take my hand


    We dance in circles

    Under the moon

    My hair floating on the breeze

    Our eyes never stray

    Your sweet kiss and I am lost

    Your warm touch and I am found again

    Under the magical moon

    And blanket of stars

    We find each other

    And pray to the Goddess never to part

    And thank her for the Blessed Moon


    Marnie Creech

    Feb 8, 2012

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  • Marnie
    Marnie Not sure if I chose the right blog entry or sure about the tittle I chose for poem. I write as it comes to me and I wanted to share it. I love to share but there is always that fear, as I am sure there is with everyone. hope you like it.
    February 9, 2012