.. And She Laughed

  • I was so busy , so involved
    polishing and shining all my troubles trespasses and faults
    polishing them with my thoughts pulling them through my mind
    shining them with endless repetition till it is rote
    coddling them to my heart
    Woe is me.. an ancient call of victims everywhere

    And She laughed a glorious silver cascade that began in a soft chuckle and the scent of lilies

    And I was offended

    Who had dared to make fun of me?
    Who would belittle my close held misery?
    What could they know of my pain?

    And She laughed ..

    softly I felt the warm embrace that is my Lady
    Child ..What is this? 
    Tell me why you collect these woes What pleasure can it bring?
    But Lady..if I don't keep them polished and true how will anyone know?

    And She laughed, 
    Exactly, My child
    and She threw my carefully polished stones into the air and the scent of Lilly's rained down.

    And She laughed...and I laughed

    Solitaire - 2007@copywrite