It's been a while...lets catch up!

  • Morning folks, how goes it?

    I've been absent from the site for quite a bit, sticking my nose back in once or twice and going off again.


    I've been busy with the PHD proposal and all the reading and note taking that it involves. There's a lot of work out there to get through and some of the language is quite archaic. I'm enjoying it though which is always a blessing.


    In general life has been good, except the fact that my 2nd eldest and my youngst haven't talked to me for a year, the eldest is fine. This morning I sent the 2nd eldest an apology, not the detailed one that he wanted but nevertheless an apology, life is too short to be holding grudges wether he realises it or not. The youngst I keep trying to contact but she has me on 'silent' so I don't know if I'm getting through. I miss them both as we were generally a very close family, they didn't like it when I decided to stand my own ground, and the 2nd eldest believed I was being mean by poking fun at some things that were close to his heart. The youngst doesn't believe I should impose rules if she wants to move back home, I however believe they are nesscary. 


    Hopefully and with the goddess guiding hand they'll accept the apology and get in touch. I've been a little down lately, and lethargic, trying to get out a bit more and not spend as much time on the computer (tumblr and facebook) as I was doing before. I'm keeping up with my crafting, I'm almost finished knitting a thick throw for two freinds of ours, its the bear flag, with a black border. My Witch studies have slipped to one side, and I'm going to try and sort that out. I have a lovely sewing machine that I got last year, that I will be using to make a Denim Quilt (one made from some old denims we had hanging out around the house).


    I got an early birthday present of a Kindle and am having great fun downloading and reading stuff from Amazon. We've an o2 card that we can put moula on and use so I'm happy out as I'm not running up a huge unpayable bill.


    I'm also helping set up a group for Transgender people here in Limerick City. Sophie the Siberian is still agressive and we're not toooooo sure how to handle her. We are aware that she needs a ton more excercise, but with our backs and T's long hours working it doesn't always work out. I need to get the dog a sliegh so she can take us for a walk...or skates (if I could keep my balance)...or a skateboard...or something lol.


    Anyway, for now that's me caught up. Hope you all are well and I'll try to drop by from time to time. 


    Love, laughter, light and blessings to you all.



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