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  • Hi, I'm still new here, and thank you all for your kindness! ...  more
  • Does anyone know of a site or book (anything!) that I could lear...  more
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  • You Call it May Day, We Call it Beltane April 27, 2015 by&...  more
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  •       Below is a list of Members who's birth...  more
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  • Someone I care about has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her ...  more
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  • It is a great secret! I lol-Ed when you said the "ooo shiny" mo...  more
  • Your So Welcome Libuse =) Sooo .. too answer Your question...  more
  • I'm getting that feeling! It's very difficult to not be able to...  more
  • Honestly Libuse ... ( Can't answer for anyone else's practices a...  more
  • Cool. Let us know how it goes!
  • Very cool! I ended up researching her - such an interesting cha...  more
  • Hi, I'm still new here, and thank you all for your kindness! ...  more
  • Your So Welcome Libuse .. ( kinda My thing here.. Info and help ...  more
  • Thank you so much! I've only read the tip of the iceberg but ju...  more
  • Hi Libuse ~ Great topic and No... there isn't that much reputabl...  more
  • Libuse, thank you! I have been considering the "quiet scream" if...  more


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  • Recently I've begun working earnestly from the standpoint of no labels and I think it's going well. I just sort of go with whatever direction I'm feeling on any given day. Some days I feel more in touch with Jesus, others I feel more Pagan, and I try not to pigeon-hole myself. If I find my brain try...
  • May 4
    Posted by Doyenne Arcanna
    Did you know? I have called you in my dreams in my painI have called and gone unansweredI have waited and waitedI have listened in joy to your songand watched in Rapture as you danced till dawnusing the blue/grey smoke as stepping stones to the gilt rimmed moonSwinging tresses yellow and green ri...
  • Weddings are a part of our lives, even if you aren't married. Friends will be getting married and even one day your children may choose to tie the knot.  Handfasting is a time honored tradition of literally tying the hands of the wedded couple until the next morning. Handfasting has cha...
  • There is much to be said about Beltane, and I could have gone with this subject in many ways. There was the obvious child inspired article, with crafts and recipes. Or I could have gone the adult way, going into the passion of which is Beltane. However, many of us over step this time of year, an opp...
  • "Cup Of Wonder" May I make my fond excusesfor the lateness of the hour,but we accept your invitation, and we bring you Beltane's flower.For the May Day is the great day, sung along the old straight track.And those who ancient lines did ley*will heed the song that calls them back.Pass the word and p...
  • For many Pagans, religious practice includes a spiritual connection with the Earth.  They actively try to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the non-human natural world.  In this time of accelerating environmental change, many Pagans feel a sense of urgency to help transform humanity...

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  • September 28, 2014 - led by OnyxSunray
    Are you Wiccan? Pagan? Got an incense recipe to share? Favorite herb? Anything Wiccan or Pagan to share? A Witches Path is the group for you!
  • Project on Meditation , Music and Drumming.
  • September 1, 2014 - led by Sif
    Share with me your desires. Don't be shy! We ALL have fantasies. Some of us live them.....
  • May 4, 2014 - led by lordazrael
    Raven's Shire Coven is an Eclectic Coven located in Chattanooga, TN. Our main covenstead is currently located on Signal Mountain!
  • March 13, 2014 - led by Selenah Awrin
    This is a group for people with Aspergers disorder and people who want to learn more about the condition. I was diagnosed last summer while I was gone and would like to build up a network of people who have it, are willing to learn more about it as well as more about autism in general.

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  • “The Chronicles of the Free People Trilogy spans over twenty years with the warrior clans. Ride with them into glory. "
    • Price $7.95
    • Location [map]
    Aphrodite, born from the sea, is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. You will feel like a goddess of love and beauty when wearing this lip color. Aphrodite is a beautiful dark rose color. Handmade and all-natural, this lipstick is made without scents and flavors but may still have the fragrance...