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  • Hello all!   I have been spending more time lately lookin...  more
  • Hello all! I've already sort of "met" a bunch of you on my profi...  more
  • July 14
    Good morning everyone!   It's been quite a busy year for ...  more
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  •  I was reading on this and thought how fantastic this is......  more
  •     July 9, 2014 - Good Morning Everyone. I have r...  more
  • Hey everyone. I found my way over here from Twitter, so I though...  more
  • Hello to all of you, I have been gone for a while, I have just f...  more
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  • ROGLMAO ~ Cant say as I Blame Ya One that!!! I am sure I will bl...  more
  • I visited Saginaw a few times but I think I blocked the memories...  more
  • Wow.. ok so Ya You know in Spades as they would say... ( So beau...  more
  • I grew up in Northern Michigan! Harbor Springs. I definitely kno...  more
  • Yea ...I miss it sometimes Greenwoman. In Cali. I had Peeps to ...  more
  • Hey forestmuse, nice to "meet" you. :)
  • waves welcome..... I lived in Japan and studied Reiki in the ori...  more
  • I have been a member of Witch School for several years now and t...  more
  • Hahaha thank you! That sure helps :) <3
  • Hi love, poo poo on what majority thinks, LOL... I am a mix of a...  more
  • Thank you, forestmuse! I will try this out as well!



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  • July 25
    Posted by mea
    Things are moving right along with my boat building. soon in octover i will be on the water. i'm stocking up on dried food and equipment.whether or not i'm totally ready i'm gonna set sail for sure. Right now i'm trying to figure out a name for my baby. she looks like a klingon bird of prey. but i w...
  • July 22
    Posted by mea
    Today i saw my Ostara presiding over summer. i usually address Pele in summer but it seems like Ostara is taking this time; from spring til the end of summer.    Ostara speaks to me of the future often. Usually she lets me know when my desires are valid. Lately my desire has been driftin...
  • July 17
    Posted by TexMex
    I'm still here.  I'm still "surviving". Because of "dude", I lost my job and my apartment. (ok, I should have been is what it is..).  I asked a friend of mine if I could do housekeeping for him so that I could keep my apt.  He wasn't able to provide the financial s...
  • How to Spot a Troll on Your Favorite On-line Site ~ 1) They Immediately make it " All about Me" Drama somewhere on the site ( then become combative when offered help or wisdom)2) Go on Rant's about absolutely Nothing! ( or close to it ) 3) In Rant, No Facts can be offered or are given ... ...
  • As most of You know... I went in for back surgery at the very end of April. Wow, what a ride it has been. the Night of Surgery and the next day I was in the hospitol.. Met a Really Cool human who inturn help ME keep the hospitol Staff on the toe's!! Neither of us could keep from spilling our Water a...
  • July 14
    Posted by Amberhawk
    Ok, so it has been a month since the movers delievered my things. I have the furniture aranged... most of it anyway. I nearly have my kitchen completely sorted out. Now its mostly a matter of organizing.    I have plans. I want to delve back into herbalism. I want to get back into regula...

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  • Raven's Shire Coven is an Eclectic Coven located in Chattanooga, TN. Our main covenstead is currently located on Signal Mountain!
  • This is a group for people with Aspergers disorder and people who want to learn more about the condition. I was diagnosed last summer while I was gone and would like to build up a network of people who have it, are willing to learn more about it as well as more about autism in general.
  • February 6 - led by Daeamor
    Are you into forbidden arts? Do you want to know more about the deep occult? Join us demons and socialize.
  • January 3 - led by MasterMel2
    Do you identify with the lifestyle aesthetic known as Gothic? Do you like GOTHIC ART, MUSIC, CLOTHING? This is the group for you!
  • November 22, 2013 - led by MoonTiger1973
    The Coven of Camelot Willow is curently in West Vally City, UT(Salt Lake Area) it is a darkage mix with modern experince I use the Knowledge from all of the Many paths I have Studied to creat my own way of fallowing our Lady and Lord do as ye will harm none Blessed Be

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  • Tue at 5:28 PM - posted by NyxDarkSky
    • Price $29.95
    Back To School Fiesta Hobo, Messenger, and/or Diaper Bag.. This bag is huge and can be used for just about anything. Purchase HERE - Description: Bag is made with -- Red Heart Super Savor, Mexicana, 100% Acrylic, N...
  • Tue at 5:22 PM - posted by NyxDarkSky
    • Price $14.95
    Yellow & White Crochet Tarot Card Bag • Purchase HERE -- Description: Bag is made with -- Yellow & White, Red Heart Super Savor, 100% Acrylic, No Shrink, Washable Crochet Yarn Bag is -- appx. 7"Wi...