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  • that my son was gay, it was like WWZ in my maternal parental uni...  more
  • Yule - Winter Solstice Ritual Yule: Winter Solstice - Dec 21st/2...  more
  • A special Thanks to this Article's Author... She shared real his...  more
  • hey guys. just wanted to let you know that i've got a fairly ext...  more
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  • Fantastic post!!! Thank you :-).
  • You are most welcome my brother & sister. I wish I could take th...  more
  • In these instances it is more the person rather than the framewo...  more
  • Sorry to hear this. All religions have some good ideals, and som...  more
  • I feel for you and your son Boudi. Homosexuality has been around...  more
  • Thank you for sharing, that was awesome!!!
  • that my son was gay, it was like WWZ in my maternal parental uni...  more
  • Your So Welcome Tonya ... (= Glad it "connected" with You ♥
  • Most Excellent ♥ Thanks You H.P Paige for sharing this beautiful...  more
  • Yule - Winter Solstice Ritual Yule: Winter Solstice - Dec 21st/2...  more
  • A special Thanks to this Article's Author... She shared real his...  more



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  • 3 hours ago
    Posted by Boudi
    those who dwell in the fog, get lost very easy and are highly confused. they know not what they want for they're not focused and too afraid to come out of that fog for the fog is too familiar, too comfortable and that is not where i dwell. i inhabit where the fog can't reach. the clearest pathways o...
  • Thu at 9:31 PM
    Posted by Boudi
    I just read this amazing article with loads of information in it that's really made me open my eyes. damn! i sure wish i had found this a loooooong time ago!! would've helped a lot. wow!! just wow!!   now granted, some of us just naturally know what to do in a relationship. it comes easy and ...
  • Thu at 11:10 AM
    Posted by Boudi
    It's time for a fresh batch of blogs to be written. Old stuff gets cleared out and new stuff takes over.   When I go to do a blog, I often find myself debating with myself about what to do. Do I keep these things private and discuss them with just a very few people who I trust with my emotion...
  • Thu at 10:35 AM
    Posted by Boudi
    WOOHOO!! I'm an officially ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery and this is a great honor and privilege for me to have. I've still got some work to do in order to get registered and licensed here in TN but it's well worth it. Once I've got that done, I'll be making another a...
  • December 10
    Posted by Pale Lady
    I think I may have figured out why I am having trouble leaving Christianity behind and giving myself completely to Paganism.  (I tend to flip-flop between the two.  It makes me quite dizzy.)  It’s a death of sorts; leaving any kind of relationship is akin to a death.  Maybe...
  • Each of us carries on - and  "Works" life - but also allows Life to "Work" Us, Trusting The Goddess and God enough to Surrender you  "Navagational controls to  something Greater - is for us  mear children of the Gods - perhaps something we are currently wrestling with - It takes ...

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  • September 28 - led by OnyxSunray
    Are you Wiccan? Pagan? Got an incense recipe to share? Favorite herb? Anything Wiccan or Pagan to share? A Witches Path is the group for you!
  • Project on Meditation , Music and Drumming.
  • September 1 - led by Sif
    Share with me your desires. Don't be shy! We ALL have fantasies. Some of us live them.....
  • Raven's Shire Coven is an Eclectic Coven located in Chattanooga, TN. Our main covenstead is currently located on Signal Mountain!
  • This is a group for people with Aspergers disorder and people who want to learn more about the condition. I was diagnosed last summer while I was gone and would like to build up a network of people who have it, are willing to learn more about it as well as more about autism in general.

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  • December 7 - posted by NyxDarkSky
    • Price $59.95
    • Location [map]
    Snow White - Cherry Red -- Hunter Green Christmas Spectrum Blanket.. Great for Collage Dorm Life, Child's Binky, Kids Bed, Camping in the back yard, long trips to grandmas, or just Snuggling on the couch with your favorite movie… This gorgeous blanket is hand crocheted with Red Heart yarn. This ...
    • Price $1.25
    • Location [map]
    All my Goddess Dollz are now 10.00 each and I have started adding my pattern designs for digi download!